Donation bins from the house of Gauer

donation binsA donation box or a donation bin is a container for receiving donations. Donation bins are also called as clothing banks, clothing bins, clothing containers, charity bins, recycling bins, and drop-off boxes and so on. These are usually located at car parks, recycling centers, streets, churches and many other places. Almost half of the clothes available here are usually sold abroad in commercial second hand sales. The remaining half of them goes to the charity shops.

Gauer Metal Products, Inc. is one of the renowned companies which produce such types of bins. The products are all made in USA and all the employees at Gauer Metal Products strictly follow the rules laid down by Walter Gauer, devised many years ago. They have a highly skilled and well trained engineering staff. Gauer Metal Products, Inc. is a company which is the expert in metal fabrications and can get you any type of custom fabrications you may require.

They provide a huge variety of services like:

  • Shearing and cutting
  • Punching and stamping
  • Bending and foaming
  • Mig, Tig and spot welding
  • CNC vertical and horizontal milling
  • CNC Lathe Turning
  • Heat treating
  • Blanchard, Surface and Cylindrical Grinding
  • Painting and plating
  • Sand Blasting
  • Professional Engineering

Thus, with so many services, they also have a huge variety of products like:

  • Gauer Flo-Rak
  • Edging Machine
  • Clothing Donation Bin Manufacturer
  • Foamed Shapes
  • Gauer Bar and many more things.

As you can see, with donation bins for sale, you can always pick any one of your choice. They also have variety in donation bins as well, such as:

  • Pushing type bin
  • Mailbox type bin
  • Rolling up bin

All these bins are available in all standard and non-standard styles. All these products which built by Gauer Company have a very good reputation in the market, especially in the field of metal fabrications for more than 65 years. They have fabricated various stainless steel, steel, aluminum containers and have been used in various industries to store different types of products. So, many of their containers are large, sheet metal units, steel material having mobility as the primary concern. Not to forget, there are many aluminum and stainless steel containers constructed, to hold both liquids and solids.

Thus, these types of donations bins are very helpful for both profitable and non-profitable organizations. People can donate all their used and old items and clothes, which can be either put for recycling or can be reused by the poor people. Also, some are usually sold in second hand shops. So you do not have to throw away your used and waste materials. Just put those in the donations bins and you can contribute towards keeping your environment clean.

Irrespective of what you want to buy, you can always mail them at and their sales representative will always be there to help you with type of service you require.