Diesel Particulate Filter Removal

Diesel Particulate FilterDPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is a filter that is found in the downpipe section of the exhaust and has been designed to reduce the amount of Diesel Particulate Matter passing through it. The main objective of DPF is to create cleaner, eco-friendly gases before being released into the atmosphere.

Most diesel-engine cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles that have been built after 2006 include a DPF in their exhaust system. The DPF in these vehicles is primarily concerned with capturing and storing soot that is produced during engine combustion and preventing it from entering the atmosphere. However, over time this process is very likely to clog the DPF. Most manufacturers claim that clogging of DPF takes a very long time, but since this is a new technology we can never be entirely sure. This is the reason one may resort to DPFremoval.tech’ services for DPF removal in Cyprus.

One of the primary concerns with DPF is that it produces a blockage in the exhaust system. This is due to the diesel catalytic converter results wherein several pounds per square inch of congestion and back pressure in the exhaust are a common occurrence.

Removing DPF

DPF Removal in Cyprus uses revolutionary custom made software that reprograms the vehicle’s engine management system. It fully disables the diesel particulate filter meaning you will have no more hassles such as DPF warning light, DPF clogging issues and the engine will not enter into a LIMP mode.

Once this software is installed in your vehicle and the DPF is removed, the vehicle will have a better free flowing exhaust system. This will in turn result in more power, better fuel consumption and no DPF clogging problems or DPF warning lights. Apart from installing the software and removing the DPF, DPFremoval.tech also conduct a full engine remap to ensure the vehicle runs efficiently.

Often some companies would promise to provide the same services, but do not fall for their scam because they use cracked version of the software which will cause problems for your vehicle in future. DPFremoval.tech is the genuine one-stop shop for one’s vehicle needs.

What is Remapping?

An ECU is a small computer that controls how the engine works. Usually manufacturers de-tune the software on the ECU to default mode before sending their vehicle out for sale. This is done because different countries have varying climatic conditions, laws and restrictions and varying qualities of fuel. Remapping is basically modifying this default software.

A vehicle remap overwrites the default software with new software that can be programmed to optimize the overall performance of the car.

However, vehicle remap has its fair share of effects, mainly being increased fuel consumption. After the remap, if the car is driven in an enthusiastic way, the fuel economy will not increase and may even decrease in some cases.

Everything said choosing vehicle remapping is always beneficial for the vehicle. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  • Engine will respond better to acceleration.
  • Overall torque and power will increase.
  • Power delivery will be smoother.
  • Mpg gets better reducing fuel costs.
  • Throttle response and rev range will be markedly improved.


The above listed reasons are convincing enough for every vehicle to make its way to DPFremoval.tech for removing their DPF. Think not twice, just visit them.