10 Best 7 Passenger Suvs

7-seater SUVsThe 7-seater SUVs are consistently becoming famous among the worldwide automobile customers. These SUVs provide the exquisite quality in terms of high-transportation, family friendliness, convenience, fuel economy and flexibility. The markets of these SUVs have been capitalized by different companies, and have developed as a prime market segment in the automotive industry. Presently, these particular automobiles have a perfect blend to provide with differentiated engines, designs, and styles. The AutoCarAustralia list below will help you to buy the 7 seater cars

Ford Expedition

The following SUV stands as the excellent choice for top performance and a swift towing capacity. With comfortable seating, the SUV operates at 310 horsepower. The V8 engine with 5.4 liter capacity boosts the SUV for long trips. The Ford Expedition stands as an obvious option as a family vehicle, and for the vocational journeys.

Audi Q7

Audi Q7
This sedan works as the perfect option for people who look for extreme luxury and comfortable family space. The pitch-perfect elegance of the Audi Q7 is capitalized by its sheer outstanding performance. It accommodates every feature that a classy luxury sedan should command. With variable engine options available the customers, the SUV has constituted to diesel, petrol and environmentally friendly models. Check comparison chart to get price and fuel economy.

Chevrolet Suburban

Providing space for 9 passengers along with a cargo, this SUV holds a perfect place in 7-seater category of the SUVs. With an excellent towing capacity for heavier loads, combine with comfort and powerful performance on the road, the SUV stand perfect for longer trips. It compromises of flexible backseats for prior creation of more cargo space, or for the customers.

Nissan Armada

Standing as the biggest SUV to be ever made, Nissan Armada offers excellent choices in affording a powerful and large SUV. The vehicle holds an international reputation. With extremely large interiors, the sense of easy seating and efficacious cargo loading is readily achieved.

Honda Odyssey

Withholding the designs of minivans, the Honda Odyssey masters comfortable interiors and subtle exteriors. This elegant SUV commands supreme 7-seater features, and offers commendable towing capacities, smoother performances, powerful force and comfortable furnished driving experience.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser
The name enlists itself among the best 7-seaters. Catering the needs of excellent performances, and relatively stronger towing capabilities, this SUV stands best of muddy adventure trips and routes, along with the off-roads touring.

Acura MDX

With the stunningly refined dynamics and fuel economy, the vehicle commands classy exterior, V6 engine, and automatic transmission. The vehicle renders strong performance and smoother driving experiences.

Lincoln MKT

Commanding professional highly technical interiors, and the classy elegance, the Lincoln MKT stands an excellent choice for 7-seater SUV lovers. The prompt shifting of the vehicle corresponds to the V6 EcoBoost engine.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Affordable, strong and smooth performance; they stand as the preferred attributes of this SUV. Guaranteed high-tech interiors provide frolic joy during the journeys

Mazda CX9

Providing outstanding performance, design and comfort is the main motive of this SUV. Packed with the latest technologies, the Mazda CX9 operates on a powerful force and renders trustworthy quick performance.